We are number one! Hey!


April 8th, 2017, 1:42 pm

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We are number one! "Now listen closely, here's a little lesson in trickery! This is going down in history! If you wanna be a Villian number one, you have to catch a hero on the run! Just follow my moves, and sneak around, be careful not to make a sound! Shhhh! No, don't touch that! (Doo do, do do do doo do di do) We are number one!"
LavaBidoof399, April 8th, 2017, 1:49 pm Reply
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Also, I made my own version of stronger than you. Do you want me to show you the lyrics?
LavaBidoof399, April 8th, 2017, 1:54 pm Reply

@LavaBidoof399: SHOW ITTTT
derp :p
Pokemon black/white
Stronger than you hero vs ghetsis
Hero singing
(Before song begins)
it's a beautiful day outside, Pidoves are singing, Maractus are blooming, on days thing this people like you, SHOULD BE BURNING IN THE DESERT RESORT.
Turn around now, it would be a crime, if I had to cause more pain so don't step over that line, or else you'll have a terrible time. But guys like you don't play by the rules, and guys like me aren't easy to be played for fools. So lets go send out your ace, lets go you dirty two face. Go ahead try to hit me if your able, can't you see my team is stable, I see you trying to set your plan sailing, but I think your just mad cause you keep failing. Your never gonna win, even if we're forever, fighting in this throne room forever, and even if you come back after I beat ya, I will always be here to met cha. My team is made ooooooof, booooonds, booooonds, and where stronger than you. (Music plays for a while) Ha ha ha... This is where it starts, this is where it ends, and if you think you can beat me then you need to try again. But no matter how I try, you just coming back, don't understand, that i'll keep fighting back? Go ahead try to hit me if your able, can't you see my team is stable, you think you can trick me like I'm some pawn, like you tried to trick my friends well get dunked on. I know what you plan to do to my friends, everything they are is what I defend. I am their passion, I am their revenge, I am perfect power. My team is made, ooooof, booooonds, booooonds, and where stronger than you. Booooonds, booooonds, booooonds, And where stronger than you!
@LavaBidoof399: if I knuw how to put my voice in youtube , I whould make a singing video of that
@RealBoxTheEevee: thank you! I'm glad you like it! I would make a music video for it but my sound recording stuff sucks...
@LavaBidoof399: what kind of device do you need to even make anmations with your own voice? I cannot even do BoxTheEevee/The Insanity Cat part 2 with voice! so I end up with no voice just music..
@RealBoxTheEevee: It's not that, its that when I don't use a good sound recorder, my voice sounds like a whiny little kid. (Plus, background noise)
@RealBoxTheEevee: what the heck, I'll do it! Are you going to make the animations?
@LavaBidoof399: Yea! BUT ONE PROMLEM how do I add your voice?
@RealBoxTheEevee: what program do you use?
@LavaBidoof399: uhhhhh youtube editor :p
@RealBoxTheEevee: I just checked... The voice counts as a song and youtube editor won't let 2 songs overlap...
@LavaBidoof399: hmmm I should get a video maker instead of using youtube video maker
@RealBoxTheEevee: k. Are you going to make the music? (Also, when you get it done, can you send me a link to it?)
@LavaBidoof399: I don't even know how to add a voice as a music
@RealBoxTheEevee: oh. I'm okay if you just use the instrumental of a good stronger than you song/parody. The music I had in mind when I made the lyrics was stronger than you sans version.
@LavaBidoof399: we can make a MAP together for that one :p
@RealBoxTheEevee: MAP? Media audio player?
@LavaBidoof399: no and I heared vidoes with MAP means other people in it too like this *link gone* -updated wrong link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVysIKly32g
@RealBoxTheEevee: huh. Strange definition.
@LavaBidoof399: guess what, I'm gonna be in a MAP
@RealBoxTheEevee: cool.
@LavaBidoof399: I don't know anymore I still didn't get a part to do
oh I have to pick
@LavaBidoof399: oh may gosh. from lazytown
@katyiscool: Yep! What can I say? Its catchy!

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